Permission For Minor to Travel Letter

Permission to Travel With a Minor

When do you need a permission for a minor to travel letter? Minors who are traveling without their parents or with only one parent will usually need a notarized letter giving permission to an adult or a parent  to travel with the minor. The letter of parental authorization is mainly required for international travel. When your child will be crossing an international border for example traveling from the USA to Mexico. Check with airlines in the US if you are traveling from State to State, to verify their requirements.

You can obtain the letter from most notary public’s and get it notarized. Or you can search online to find one. Either way your local notary public will be able to help you fill it out and notarize it.

Notary Public of Anaheim provides the permission for a minor to travel letter and will notarize it. Give us a call (714) 462-4440


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