How to Apostille a Marriage Certificate in California

How to Apostille a Marriage Certificate in California

Marriage Certificate Apostille

You may need to get your California issued marriage certificate apostilled for many different reason. Mainly if your marriage certificate is being requested in another country. Different countries may not accept your marriage certificate even if it is the original or certified copy. Other countries usually want to see a higher level of authentication for your marriage certificate. That is what an apostille does, it authenticates your marriage certificate for use in other countries.

These are the step to get an apostille for your marriage certificate.

Step 1

Get a certified copy form the county clerk or recorder where you married. If you can not personally go, you can order it online from

Why would you want a new copy? We suggest to always keep your original or a certified copy in a safe place with all your important documents. You can then use the new one to get an apostille and use it another country. You don’t know if the other agency requesting your marriage certificate will want to keep it or hold on to it. If for some reason you don’t get it back or its lost, you always have one in a safe place.

Step 2

Visit us or call us to start the apostille process. You can bring us your marriage certificate or mail it to us. Once we receive it, we will start the apostille process.

Step 3

Pick up your apostilled marriage certificate or recieve it back in the mail. If you can’t pick up your document, we can always mail it to you.


Getting an apostille for your marriage certificate can be a complicated process. We make it easy for you. Call us today or visit us. We are always ready to help you with any of your apostille needs.

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